Commando [C64]

commando_coverI’m doing it… yes, I’m doing it! It’s been ages, but finally here it is: A review (well, sort of) of a classic retro game. It’s time for some Commando. Continue reading


Damn you, Fallout 3!

Plans… plans always change.

Seriously. Here I was in late July, posting several articles for the first time in ages, planning to publish one or two posts every week… and then Fallout 3 came along. And yes, I do realise it got released about seven years ago, but never really had the chance to play it. Until now.

And oh boy, it’s eating up all of my spare time. Thing is, I kinda finished an article several days ago, but was so busy playing Fallout 3 that I haven’t even had the time to click that ‘Publish’ button.

So what do we learn from this? That Fallout 3 is hampering my productivity. :/

I’ll be back…

Right, it’s been some time [looks at date of last post].. umm… three months?! Holy cow! Well, been quite busy and just moved back to the UK, but seriously planning to post new stuff in the near future. So stay tuned (yes, the three of you).

So long…

The Retro Years goes DOS

After writing mostly about Commodore 64 games, with the occasional ColecoVision or Atari 2600 title thrown in-between, I think it’s about time to broaden the field and include old DOS games as well. Now, it would be unwise to abandon the C64 altogether while there’s still so many classic games for that system I haven’t covered yet. But I need a bit of a change, hence my desire to write about some old PC titles in the future.

So next up will be indeed a DOS game, one which had quite an impact on release and could1 be described as the mother of all First-Person shooters.

  1. While technically not the first, it basically created the whole genre due to its popularity. 

Seven Cities of Gold Revisited

Instead of writing about a game I haven’t covered yet, I spent an awful lot of time in the last couple of days playing Seven Cities of Gold on an Atari 800 emulator. A game I’ve already covered here, while Bryon over at Stir Fried Pixels posted his own thoughts a while ago, as well. And… ‘wait, what? Atari 800? Why’s that?‘ you ask. Well, I’ve read that the original Atari 800 release is supposed to be the most ‘complete’ version of the game, so I was curious. And gee, I’m surprised I found time to get off the game to write this post, to be honest. (Don’t worry, Ultima IV, I’ll be back to complete my task to become the coolest Avatar dude there ever was). Continue reading

Just a quick update

In case anyone wondering about the recent lack of posts, I’m currently not in the right mood to write anything, due to life sucking a bit at the moment. But I started to revisit Ultima IV a couple of days ago, so that will be most likely my next post.

So long…