Battle Through Time [C64]

btt_boxNow this is one of the first games I played on my own Commodore 64. It is similar to Moon Patrol, and you control a futuristic car and jump over potholes while avoiding enemies from above. The game features seven different levels, each one accompanied by its own recognisable tune.

Now, the game is called Battle Through Time for a good reason. The seven levels represent seven different wars/conflicts, and the enemies change accordingly, e. g. jets during the Korean War, helicopters in Vietnam etc. The gameplay itself is relatively simple: Shoot and don’t get shot, while avoiding rocks and the aforementioned potholes.

battle_through_time_001As mentioned above, each level got its own fitting music, like the MASH theme song ‘Suicide Is Painless’ for the Korean level, Wagner’s Ride Of The Valkyries in Vietnam (‘Apocalypse Now‘ says hello) or the Imperial March from Star Wars during World War III. But don’t expect to hear anything fancy. The developers dedicated only a single channel to the music, and hearing Also Sprach Zarathustra played in a single voice during the In The Beginning level (another reference) sounds a bit… funny.

But a video speaks more than a thousand words, so here you go:

Note: Between 00:20 – 00:39 the sound is barely audible. Dunno why, used the same settings as always. Sorry ’bout that.

I remember upon seeing those mushroom clouds for the first time, I was wondering where those trees were suddenly coming from. I was so naive back then…


Title: Battle Through Time | Developer, Publisher: Anirog Software | Year: 1984


2 thoughts on “Battle Through Time [C64]

  1. Those be some deadly ‘trees’! Don’t get the leaves on you. 🙂

    Well, I suppose the lesson we can take away from here is that whether it’s Battle Through Time or Moon Patrol, potholes are everywhere! And man, do they wreck your car / futuristic space vehicle.

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