Crack Intro #1 – Remember

One thing I’ve noticed here on WordPress is, that there’s hardly any traffic over the weekends, at least on this very site. So, personally I came to the conclusion that it would be a waste to post something game-related1 during those days. But to fill the gap I decided to do something else and devote myself to the SID chip in the meantime. Game-related articles will be back on weekdays.

Now, everyone who owned a C64 back in the 80’s must’ve had at least some ‘not so legal’ copies of games (and that includes me). And everyone surely remembers those intros added by the people/group who cracked the games, which, in most instances, contained the name of the group in big letters and a scrolling message. But the best part was, these intros were accompanied by some really cool music.

I was actually planning to post a video of some 80’s crack group, but found out that Remember was founded in 1997. Thing is, I already recorded the video and will use it anyway, because I can. 😎

  1. Just realised that I contradicted myself here. Technically, those intros are game-related. Ah, well… 

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