Law of the West [C64]

law_of_the_west_coverEver dreamed of being a sheriff in a Wild West town? Then this is your chance to deal with wannabe gunslinger, saloon owners, outlaws and drunken doc’s. So welcome to Gold Gulch, the perhaps most infamous town in the West.


Your goal is simple: Try to survive until sunset. See, as the sheriff of that town you will meet a lot of folks on your way. Some are harmless, while others try to give you a hard time. It’s up to you to decide how to deal with those situations, and it all depends on how you react and what you say.

Every time you encounter someone he or she will start a conversation. You get four possible answers, every one of them having a different affect on how that person reacts. But sometimes words might not be enough to calm that gunslinger down, for instance. For those situations you’ve got your trusty gun, which takes care of those who dare to draw against you.

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The game itself is presented in a quasi-third person view with static screens, and the only movement you are able to perform is to raise or lower your gun. Random townspeople can be seen walking along in the background and will quickly leave the scene, should you decide to draw your weapon, which is a nice touch.

Law of the West can be best described as a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ game with the occasional gunfight. Everything you do and say can have consequences, like trying to have a good relationship with the drunken doctor. Why? Simple, should you catch a bullet and you disrespected him, he might not give a damn about you and will let you rot on the street.

Speaking of getting shot: Should you be so unfortunate and the doc was able to patch you up (“it’s just a flesh wound“) you end up wearing a bandage for the remainder of the game, which is another nice touch. And sometimes you have the opportunity to stop a robbery, where you stand in front of the local bank and simply shoot at everyone who’s leaving the building.



The graphics are colourful and pretty good. Same for the music, where every character you encounter has its own specific tune, which already tells you if you’re in for some trouble. And at the end of the day, in case you survived, the game will show your final score, which is largely affected by the choices you made and how many times you got wounded. The less people you killed and the more you were able to find a peaceful solotion, the more points you get.

And although the game is relatively short, one can always come back to try a different approach on things.


picture2Whot Bob sez
Yay, dat Wild West game. Always had a low score, coz me was shooting at everything, lol. That, or I got shot and dat stupid doc was on holiday or somefin’. And I liked to insult all those people, ha. Fun stuff, I can tell ya.


4 thoughts on “Law of the West [C64]

    • Well, you could just shoot everyone as soon as they appear on the screen, but that would be too easy, wouldn’t it? So from a gameplay perspective it does make sense.

      But if you really want to kill as many as possible and still get a respectable score, you could just try to insult everyone until they draw their weapon (“Your momma wears combat boots“). 😀

      • Hey, those were the 80’s, where conversations in games were still sort of mannered. Now fast forward three decades and compare that with the stuff you get in GTA. 😀

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