Star Wars [C64]

star_wars_cover“The Force will be with you”. Woah, you get greeted by a speech sample. And if you’re into vector graphics, you’ll be in heaven playing Star Wars by Domark. Vector graphics galore!


Is there anyone, I mean, anyone out there who never heard of Star Wars? Yeah, don’t think so, either. But back to the game: This arcade conversion first got released in 1983 by Parker Bros, and five years later again by Domark, this time with additional content (those were the days before DLC, mind you).

You take control of  Red Five (aka the dude whose father wears a cool mask) during the Battle of Yavin. Your goal is simple. Destroy the Death Star. Yup, that’s it, nothing else. So you climb into your X-Wing and off you go… on your own, it seems. But hey, you can always pretend there’s more rebel ships flying around off-screen.

Screenshots (click to enlarge)


The game is divided into three stages (or two, if you play on Easy). The first one consists of your ship approaching the Death Star, while fighting off Tie Fighters and their incoming missiles. Stage two (the one which is skipped on Easy) takes place on the Death Star’s surface, where you destroy gun turrets, while trying to steer clear of towers and enemy fire. The third, and final, stage recreates the famous trench run. Avoid obstacles, make your way to the end of the trench and fire a couple of torpedoes into that exhaust port. Once the Death Star is destroyed, the game lists your scores and you start over again.



The title screen is pretty neat, although Princess Leia does look a bit scary.  Upon reaching the main screen you get greeted by a SID rendition of that familiar Star Wars theme, which sounds surprisingly good. The vector graphics themselves are quite nice, but do come with a caveat; the more objects are on-screen, the slower the game gets.

While it never was one of those games you could play for hours, it was always cool to make your way towards that exhaustion port and blow up the Death Star for the umpteenth time. And revisiting that game after 25 or so years was quite fun.


8 thoughts on “Star Wars [C64]

  1. This was a fantastic conversion by Domark. Let’s be honest, if you were a child in the late 70s or early 80s you wanted to play the famous trench run sequence in Star Wars for yourself. The arcade game was great (especially the sit down cockpit version) and Domark did a great job bringing it into the home.

    • Can’t remember if I ever played the arcade game. But I did play Domark’s other two Star Wars titles, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, and interestingly enough, both got released the same year as this game (1988). And while The Empire Strikes Back was pretty cool, Return of the Jedi was just meh.

      And Domark did a good job, indeed. Even those occasional slowdowns are tolerable.

    • Yeah, who didn’t love the game for that Trench Run sequence. Also, say what you will about modern consoles and graphic fidelity, but this vector / wireframe look is actually more authentic to the film’s ‘targeting computer’ than any fancy 3D stuff you can draw up today. 😀

      @Soosh: You better hope ‘andregurov’ doesn’t find his way here and see you dissing his girl on the game’s title screen. There will be some trouble, my friend.

      • Even today, after all those years, the graphics still got a certain charm to them. And you’re right, they do look like the visuals of that targeting computer.

        Speaking of that device, didn’t mention that you get a bonus when you don’t use your guns in the trench. Would’ve been cool if there was a text message, telling the player to ‘use the Force’ and to ‘let go’.

        And didn’t we all have a crush on Princess Leia back in the day? But c’mon, just have another look at this:


      • Okay, okay, you’ve got a point. Even when we ‘know’ what we’re supposedly looking at, there’s no way to tell who or what we’re seeing. Could be a Wookie. Could be a Jawa. Could be a Sandperson. 🙂

        • See, so how’s that for a twist; here we were, saving the galaxy, and we were just sandpeople dressed up to look like our favorite characters. The shock! Think I just stumbled onto the plot for Episode VII.

          • Shush, don’t give them any ideas, they might end up using that for Episode VIII. On the other hand, would be funny to see your name in the credits: …based on a story by Tim Hurley

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