Boom [C64]

boom_coverA Doom-like game on the Commodore 64? Really? I mean… seriously? Yup, and turns out, it’s actually pretty cool, considering the system you play it on. Oh, and it’s called Boom!


Boom by 576 KByte and released in 1996 is a bit of an oddity. I’ve never heard of it before, couldn’t find any information whatsoever (apart from a handful of comments at and have absolutely no clue what this game is about. Ok, that last point is not entirely true. Even though the whole in-game text is in Hungarian (a language I don’t speak), watching the intro (which you can’t skip, by the way) reveals that it might have something to do with an active volcano that destroys a city and turns everyone into mutants. Well, that’s at least what it looks like, but I could be wrong…. ah, whatever. It’s a shooter, for Pete’s sake, and as long as you can shoot stuff, everything’s gonna be fine.

Screenshots (click to enlarge)


You move around using WASD, with Q and E reserved for moving sideways, while IJKL controls your cross hair (you can use a mouse, but I wasn’t able to get it to work). Gameplay itself is rather simple. Walk through the levels, collect keys to be able to open doors and find the exit, while shooting at everything that moves. And that’s about it. No puzzles, no jumping and, thankfully, no mazes (something I always hate to see in First Person Shooters). The game does have a mini map, which shows the surrounding area, and you’ll be glad for it, because it’s quite easy to lose your orientation in this game.



Technically, it’s quite impressive and I’m wondering how cool it would have been if someone would’ve used the same engine to create a first person RPG (think of an Ultima Underworld lite of some sorts). And there seem to be plenty of levels. How many, I don’t know, due to the lack of a level counter.

Doom it is not. But it doesn’t really have to be, and is pretty good for what it is, an 8-Bit Doom-like that is fun to play.


6 thoughts on “Boom [C64]

  1. Impressive, indeed, for the system it’s on. I was just going to make a comment about the lack of a mini-map / how easy it’d be to get lost (I missed it in the article and screenshots at first), but scratch that. Not bad.

  2. That is impressive! I love the fact that people kept trying to come up with game titles that sound a bit like Doom to make it clear what the game was, without risking trademark infringement. There was one for the Amiga called Gloom, which was my favourite until you drew my attention to Boom!

    • Technically, it’s just brilliant. And it’s pretty fun to play, too. Sure, there’s not much to do, apart from shooting those mutants and finding the exit, but that’s enough to entertain you for some hours.

      And that game got, although not commercially afaik, released two years after the C64 got discontinued.

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