Hot Wheels [C64]

hot_wheels_coverEver wanted to build your own dream car and roam through the city, without any pressure whatsoever? Hot Wheels by Epyx gives you the chance to do exactly that.


Choose your car and off you go… wait, what? You wanna assemble your own? Ok, then I suggest you head straight to the factory and do just that. Yes sir, you can pick different parts and paint it any colour you like. But don’t get confused ‘cos black aint really black and looks more grey-ish (and yes, the last sentence was just a cheap attempt to raise the word count, same goes for this explanation).

There’s absolutely no goals in the game. You basically pick or build a car and you’re free to do whatever you want. Now, I could be sarcastic and say you’re the only one living in the city because, apart from the members of staff you encounter at the petrol station, for instance, there’s absolutely no one else around. But, mind you, this game got released in 1985 and we’re not talking about GTA here.

Screenshots (click to enlarge)


Below a list of some of the places you can visit in the game apart from the aforementioned car factory.

  • Car Wash: Gee, is there a car supposed to be under that thick layer of dirt? Just drive through the car wash and see how it sparkles.
  • Destruction Derby: Bump into AI controlled cars. Last Man Standing rules apply. “But.. but what about my new car?” you ask. Fear not, you won’t use your own, the arena will lend you one.
  • Petrol station: Get some fuel, man. There’s no one around to push the car for you.
  • Service station: Wanna change oil? That’s the place to go.
  • Fire department: Remember you’re basically the only one in this city? So why not just steal a fire truck and try to stop a fire. But who laid it? I bet it was that fella from the petrol station.

Apart from a car park and a place where you can tune your car (which, by the way, won’t affect your vehicle in any way), these are more or less all the places you can visit. And should you decide to drive to the petrol or service station, you take control of a staff member refueling your car or changing oil, respectively, with the latter one being kinda messy (oil everywhere!).



This game used to be fun. I spent numerous hours building my dream cars and driving around the city. Like I said, it used to be fun. Playing it nowadays is a rather bland experience, I have to say. But hey, it’s got a really catchy title tune, one I can still remember after all those years (decades!).


17 thoughts on “Hot Wheels [C64]

  1. This one never became a favourite of mine, although I do recall enjoying it for a few hours. What I do remember is that the game allowed you to do a lot of things and, in a way, it was probably the first open-world car game ever produced.

    • I think the game is (was?) more appealing to kids anyway. It’s just not the same any more playing it now as someone in his mid 30’s. But hey, the music is still cool and the factory gives you the opportunity to create weird looking cars. 😀

    • Yeah, I’d have to agree that this wouldn’t be one to hold up after all those decades(!), especially if there’s no explicit purpose or ‘goal’ to the game. Casual play is completely allowed, don’t get me wrong, but you can’t expect it to hold anyone’s attention for long.

      • If someone would do an XBLIG remake with some additional content I would be curious. Would be at least more interesting than the 500th Zombie/Avatar game, wouldn’t it? Heck, if you really have to, include avatars and call it Hot Avatars… no, wait, that sounds more like some adult stuff. Just call it Avatar Wheels then.

  2. Hey, the original comment by Bryon must be the first one that reached the reply limit. 😎

    @Souper Troll: Chris Antoni you say? Sounds like a plan. Now all we need is Tim to ask him nicely if he’s interested.

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