Alien [Atari 2600]

alien_coverAnd here the second game, a Pac-Man clone based on Alien, which is surprisingly good and better than the original port on the 2600, at least in my humble opinion. Part II of Pac-Manday.


Yes, this game is called Alien and no, it’s got nothing to do with the film. Well, ok, it’s got aliens in it, but that’s about it. Like in Pac-Man, you navigate through a maze and collect ‘dots’ (or whatever they’re supposed to represent) while avoiding those nasty aliens. But this time around you have a weapon. Yes, you’re the proud owner of a flamethrower with a very limited range that can stun your enemies. Or let’s say, that’s what I think it does. See, I’ve tried it a couple of times but got eaten and found out that it’s much easier to just avoid them.

Screenshots (click to enlarge)



This game does have a second stage, where you have to reach the upper part of the screen while avoiding all those colourful aliens. Not easy, considering you don’t have all day long to navigate through the enemies. Take too long, and you lose one of your lives.

One of the things I’ve noticed is that, unlike in Pac-Man, here enemies seem to randomly roam through the maze without even trying to chase you down. But apart from that, it’s a fun little game. Not bad, not bad at all.


4 thoughts on “Alien [Atari 2600]

  1. Man, those are some wonky-looking aliens ❗

    So, this is the Alien franchise, mixed with Pac-Man for one part, then Frogger for the second? Brilliant! (That was sarcasm) 😀 On the plus side, if this was the way it worked, Alien: Isolation would be a LOT easier if you could just turn all the enemies / alien into ghosts and go snack on them.

    • Nah, it might not be brilliant, but it’s pretty good for what it is. And you’re right, the second part is somehow reminiscent of Frogger.

      Games based on the Alien franchise have come a looong way, haven’t they? And it all started with a Pac-Man clone on the Atari 2600.

    • Strange stuff, for sure, but I suppose it’s alright at that. It’s a learning experience, at least. Never know things like this exist in the timeline, until you see / read about it somewhere. Thanks for that bit of education. 😉

      • Aaand it’s free of charge. Ha, imagine it would’ve been the norm in the early to mid 80’s that the very first game based on a film had to be a Pac-Man clone. Pac-Rambo? o_O

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