Playing Dwarf Fortress pt. 03

df_coverSeven dwarves debark in the middle of nowhere, with nothing more than some tools and their cheerful mood. What could possibly go wrong? (Hint: Don’t forget, it’s me who guides them)


While the first two parts served more or less as an introduction, we are now ready to delve into the weird world that is Dwarf Fortress. A world full of drama, like thieves trying to sneak into your fort, dwarves going mad and, ultimately, death… and gazillions of different types of stones and ore. Seriously, without the Wiki I wouldn’t even know the difference between cassiterite and hematite.

Scarredboulder needs you

… to maintain my farms. Since there’s no fish around here I have to rely on farming. Well, I could’ve started breeding my yaks to have a secure source for meat, but since I’m still learning I just gave the order to slaughter them in my butcher’s shop. By the way, did I tell you that I really like the name of my fort? Scarredboulder just sounds cool… [checks previous two posts] ‘nkay, already mentioned that in Part I.

Because my fisherdwarf wasn’t able to catch anything, plus the fact I couldn’t be asked to breed my animals, Scarredboulder is in constant danger of running out of food. But fear not, according to the quickstart guide dwarves can live a certain amount of time without food, as long as they’ve got enough booze.


As you can see in the image above, my meat resources are rather scarce. And while I’ve got plenty of plants they could eat, the guide told me to save them for brewing drinks. One of the things I don’t understand yet is ‘Wealth‘. According to that screen I created 9611 dwarfbucks worth of wealth and imported stuff worth 17508 dwarfbucks. I do remember having an agreement with some merchant but didn’t have a clue what I was doing and just pressed some keys (hey, it was late at night and I couldn’t be asked to look it up). Oh, and that image was taken after I received some more dwarves, because at certain times you get the following message at the bottom of the screen:


Great, more people to feed

I’m going slightly mad

Not me, but one of my dwarves. It all started with him being in a strange mood, because he couldn’t get used to the life inside my fortress (can’t blame him, really). But then it got worse and he went insane, running around aimlessly. And then I got this message:


Not even a year has passed and Scarredboulder claimed its first victim. I’m still asking myself how he got dehydrated, though, because I clearly remember him stumbling through the storage room, passing by barrels filled with booze. Even weirder, some time later I received another message:

How tasteless of you, Mr Expedition Leader

How tasteless of you, Mr Expedition Leader

No idea if that is related to the death of Kogan the fish cleaner, or just random. And because Ilral has organised a party, many dwarves will now stop whatever they were supposed to do just to attend that party.

Dwarves attending a party in the dining hall (right), with poor Kogan still lying on the floor (left, marked with red square)

Dwarves attending Ilral’s party in the dining hall (right), with poor Kogan still lying on the floor (upper left, marked with red square)

Of drunken kids and child labour

One cool thing about this game is that every single dwarf has his or her own thoughts and feelings, including friendships or grudges with other dwarves. Why do I mention it when the heading is talking about drunken kids and child labour? I mentioned it because a) I simply forgot to write about it until now and b) because the latest migration wave included two children. One of them has the following thoughts:

Thoughts of a dwarven child

Click to enlarge

For everyone who couldn’t be bothered to enlarge the image or didn’t read it because ‘tl;dr lolz‘, here the part I’m on about:


Alcohol? Working day? WTF!!! Call me ignorant, but those dwarves are some strange people.

There’s still so much to say and I could go on and on, but think I’m gonna stop here and publish one last post within the next days before finally going back to what I’ve done in the past, reviewing old games.

See ya.


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