What is this site about?

The Retro Years is mainly, but not exclusively, about Commodore 64 games. And yes, that means I’m gonna jump into my little time machine and go back to this weird and turbulent era called the 80’s. A decade that gave us such things as the Space Shuttle, Live Aid, the fall of the Berlin Wall… and the Commodore 64.

So it’s not only about the C64?

Well, mostly. But I will occasionally write about other systems too, like the ColecoVision and Atari 2600. Who knows, I might even end up writing something about certain events during that period. [currently canceled due to budget cuts]

Where are all those important and popular games?

Games like Elite, Maniac Mansion or Pirates!? They will come at some point, when (if) I’ll have a larger audience, don’t want to fire all the big guns at once. Would be like holding a lecture in the desert where no one can hear you.

What systems did you own during the 80’s?

Some Pong Clone, ColecoVision and C64. Additionally, I spent an awful lot of time occupying my cousins Atari 2600 and Amiga 500.


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