Lady Bug [ColecoVision]

lady_bug_coverIt’s Sunday. And while most folks do either something productive or nothing, I write about one of the best Pac-Man clones out there. But hey, it’s a clone with a twist. Ladies and gents, this is Lady Bug. Continue reading


Donkey Kong [ColecoVision]

donkey_kong_coverThe game that started it all. And it’s one of those rare occasions where a title is named after its villain. Yes, Donkey Kong used to be a baddie back in the early 80’s. And the hero? Well, that was some, at that point, unnamed Italian plumber. Continue reading

Beamrider [ColecoVision]


Just another quick game“, that’s what I told myself last night. And then I ended up playing it for the better part of an hour. Oh, and this game has one of the best stories I came across in a video game… nah, I’m joking. The story is your typical ‘Aliens threaten Earth, you are mankind’s only hope‘ stuff you always get in these games. But who needs a story in a shooter anyway? I certainly don’t. Continue reading