Rick Dangerous [C64]

rick_dangerous_coverDo you like platformers? And what about games that really like to punish you? If you can answer both questions with ‘Yes’, Rick Dangerous by Firebird might be right up your alley. Continue reading


Thank you, Cinemaware

I was pleasantly surprised when I checked my stats last Saturday, to find out that I had a lot of visitors from Facebook. It seemed like someone shared a link to my Defender of the Crown article, but couldn’t find out who it was. I’ve just tried again, this time being successful (Google is my friend, y’know). Turns out Cinemaware themselves posted it on their Facebook page. If you’re interested, here the direct link to their post.

Thanks, Cinemaware. Much appreciated. ūüôā

Crack Intro #1 – Remember

One thing I’ve noticed here on WordPress is, that there’s hardly any traffic over the weekends, at least on this very site. So, personally I came to the conclusion that it would be a waste to post something game-related1 during those days. But to fill the gap I decided to do something else and devote myself to the SID chip in the meantime. Game-related articles will be back on weekdays. Continue reading

Influential Gaming Moments: Seven Cities of Gold

Bryon, over at ‚ÄėStir Fried Pixels‚Äô, was so kind to give me permission to reblog his article about one of his influential gaming moments, namely Seven Cities of Gold. Thanks again, Bryon.

Stir Fried Pixels

Over at The Retro Years, author Soosh writes (mostly) about Commodore 64 games, which is the computing platform that I grew up on, and blame for my continued addiction to all things pixelated. It was my gaming machine of choice from around 1985-1990, and with the help of Compute! magazine, taught me how to code and to basically appreciate what this whole computing and gaming thing was all about.

I have great memories of the games that I played back then ‚Äď everything from Ultima IV to Pool of Radiance¬†to Caveman Ughlympics, and many in between. But none bring back memories quite as¬†fondly as Seven Cities of Gold, which Soosh covered (and reminded me of) this past August.

For the uninitiated, Seven Cities of Gold is an adventure game developed by Danielle Bunten (of M.U.L.E. fame), and published by a then tiny (and considerably less evil) Electronic Arts. In…

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